Being Your Own 'It Girl'

Being Your Own 'It Girl'

If you haven’t heard of the social craze of how to be an 'it girl', you can do a quick google search and you’ll find YouTubes, Tik Toks and Insta videos all showing you how to become one. You’ll see morning routines, workouts, meal plans, green smoothies, self-care rituals and essentially a vibe of how to become this somewhat perfect, girl who has it all figured out.  

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally see the positive message that they are trying to put out there in the hopes to inspire and empower women to become healthier versions of themselves, but it can also put this kind of pressure on you that you need to be doing all of these things in order to be a girl who’s 'crushing it'.

I remember trying the 'it girl' morning routine because I saw these pretty and successful girls looking all productive, attractive, fit and from the outside living their best lives. I wanted to feel better about myself, so I did it, buuuut I’ll be honest it actually made me feel worse. 

I was doing these things in the hopes to feel better about myself but I actually ended up comparing myself to these girls and felt like I didn’t match up to this epitome 'it girl'. The first morning, I was like yeah okay I can do this, buuut a week deep I was questioning how I was going to keep up this routine because I was feeling drained, as I knew I was doing it for the wrong reasons. 

We live in a society where we can access insight into so many lives of others and live in a constant state of comparison. Social media and the internet are constantly showing us snippets into other people's highlight reels and if we are not careful we end up feeling shitty because we compare ourselves and feel like we aren’t matching up. Which can lead to us feeling unworthy, not good enough, not pretty enough, not doing enough in general.

The problem however isn’t social media, the problem is us looking outward instead of inward. Looking for things outside of ourselves to feel better, worthy, attractive, successful etc. However, if we can shift our attention, energy and focus inward we will change how we feel about ourselves and nothing can take this away from us. 


"Our goal isn't to become the 'it girl' we see on social media but rather our OWN 'it girl'.

And that starts with defining what being an 'it girl' means to us personally. 

It means taking ownership of our lives and defining what being our best self looks and feels like. We can decide how we wanna show up on the daily in order to feel like we are becoming the most badass version of ourself and creating the life we deserve. We define what it means to be the healthiest, fittest, badass version of us.

Being ourselves is who we are here to be and we not only do ourselves a disservice but everyone else in our life. We have to practice courage to show up as us, and in doing so we lead and empower other women to do the same!  

I wanna encourage you with these journal prompts to help you discover who you truly are, what you want out of life, what it means to be your own 'it girl', and how you can take ownership to achieve your goals and bring your dreams into reality!

These prompts will help you start thinking differently and opening your heart to who you truly are and your mind up to what is possible for you!


Try your best to not overthink it! Grab a pen and brain dump! Use these prompts as a guide xx

  1. Write down your definition of what it means to be your own “it girl”?

  2. What does being your best self look and feel like on the daily? 

  3. What lights up your soul?

  4. What is something you have always wanted to try but have always been afraid to?

  5. What are you doing, who are you and how does it feel when you’re being your most authentic self?

  6. What is one actionable step you can take this week to move you closer towards your goals and the best version of you?  

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