What is The Big Sis Movement?

The Big Sis Movement is a digital media brand that aims to Educate, Empower and Entertain!

Started by Karen Mason, ex radio host and media guru, she explains her overall vision and the big picture mission of The Big Sis Movement.

“People told me why don’t you just go and get a real job? Many people were confused why I wasn’t married with kids. I knew I didn’t want to work a 9-5, I felt like it killed my passion. Most people thought I was crazy to follow my dreams, but I knew I was the sanest person in the room.

I knew it was time to think outside the box and not conform to societal norms.

And so became Big Sis. 

It’s time to follow your heart, you’re worth it and you have the power to achieve whatever you put your mind to! Whether it’s empowering your career, maturing your love life or getting to know your true self worth, join The Bis Sis Movement. A community of love and support that enables you to explore your dreams and desires”.

Big Sis xx



Karen Mason is an ex Media Presenter / Producer from Australia who decided to quit her full-time breakfast radio gig to create her very own media brand completely from scratch!

Kaz is incredibly passionate about The Big Sis Movement! She wants everyone to live their best possible life and believes when females discover their own self-worth, they can set their minds to achieve absolutely anything! Her strong media background helps her to gather interesting experts in different fields which will help to expand your mind, body and soul.


Marketing Manager

Saffron graduated her Interactive and Visual design degree with first class honours. She has a passion for sustainable fashion and ethical business practices and has spent her professional time working in the marketing and communication space. 

Saff absolutely loves everything The Big Sis Movement is about! She believes women are incredible and there needs to be more places and platforms that encourage and empower all kinds of women to fulfill their dreams. She is a big fan of a number of women led businesses and is constantly inspired by the current representation of women but also believes there can never be enough and loves that she can be even a small part of this!



Kirsty is proud to be a part of the team here at The Big Sis Movement as she believes it’s so important for women to know their self-worth.

Kirsty is all about capturing memories and moments alongside helping businesses build up their brand in the digital world through content creation. Photography and videography are where Kirsty’s passions lie. Taking your vision and turning it into real life is what brings her the most joy. 


Promotions Manager

Hayley’s passion has always been dancing and performing! She’s a professional dancer trained in a wide range of dance styles from Ballet and Jazz to Latin and Musical Theatre.

She fell in love with The Big Sis Movement and especially the team so it’s a dream come true to be a part of this wonderful movement as the Promotions Manager, living her passion!



Sonia is a digital nomad and brand copywriter with an obvious passion for travelling, alternative living and personal development. As a self-taught marketer, she gained all of her knowledge while building her own online business and sharpening her entrepreneurial skills.

The Big Sis Movement is the platform she wishes she had access to when she was younger! As women, we often dim our lights and give our power away, when the truth is that we can overcome every challenge. Sonia loves being part of the movement and supporting other women in reclaiming their power, becoming that big sis for fellow ladies.