Big Sis is turning 7 years old!

Big Sis is turning 7 years old!

Do you know what happens when you follow your dreams? Your dreams come true!

This is why we’re so excited to celebrate our 7th year here at Big Sis!

This is a huge milestone for everybody working here and, if you’re new here, we wanted to give you some of our back story.

Kaz started the movement in November 2016 and let us tell you…it’s been such a wild ride.

Everything started because Kaz realised in her 20’s there weren't really any role models that she could relate to (for girls like her). At the time, the IT girl was Paris Hilton who was just another celebrity with lots of money to spend and wasn’t inspiring her (as a young feminist).

Working in mainstream media, Kaz noticed that the important topics that would truly benefit young women never got enough air time! Everything would circle back to bitchy gossip or what was happening on the latest reality shows – was this the message we truly want to send to the next gen? Surely not.

That’s how the ‘Big Sis Pod’ was born! The show was so good it was snatched up as a ‘Featured Apple Podcast’ for almost 5 months and was nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Australian Podcast Awards! 

Throughout 6 seasons, Kaz was able to touch on incredibly powerful themes that encouraged her listeners to better themselves, their relationships and to follow their dream careers.

She took a small break during covid as she used to get her audience to think outside the box (which would trigger some people). Her soul told her to lay low as most humans across the world were living in scarcity, fear and anger due to so much uncertainty, she only needed to say ‘boo’ and people were jumping down her throat!!

She then felt the push to return full-time with her mission in 2022 to help young women get back on track again and to spread good vibes across the globe. To remind others to choose love and kindness over hatred and division.

So lots of ups and downs over the past 7 years including having to re-brand from Big Sis Australia into The Big Sis Movement after being scammed by her website domain company…

But that’s the journey, lessons had to be learned to create the space for growth.

We’re so excited to celebrate this huge milestone with you! Head over to our socials to join us in the fun and remember to never stop following your dreams!

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