Habits... Making, Breaking and Achieving your Goals

Habits... Making, Breaking and Achieving your Goals

I’m coming in hot today to talk to you about the power of habits and how we can use them as a tool to achieve our goals, become the best versions of ourselves and no longer solely rely on constant forms of motivation to do so! 

Have you ever heard of the saying - "we are what we repeatedly do"?

What this means is that the habits aka the actions that we do over and over again, whether we are consciously aware of them or not, are responsible for our current state of being. 

Not only do our habits reflect our current reality, but the habits we do everyday represent where we’re going to be in a week, few months time, a year, 5 years, 10 years and essentially our life.

So giiirl, if you’re not where you want to be in life or you don’t have the results you want, I'm here to help you take ownership of your habits so you can level up your life! 

So once again let’s grab out our journals! It is time to bring awareness to your goals and your current habits so you can decide if they are helping you or holding you back! 



Get clear on what you want to achieve and who you want to become in the process. 

You want to be emotionally invested in this goal so keep showing up no matter what, because not achieving isn’t even an option for you! If you feel stuck, think about the feeling of having achieved your goal and the version of you you’re wanting to become in the process. 

Write down your priority goal in the area of your life that you want to upgrade the most. Next to your goal write down why it is so important to you. 

Example - I want to work towards my first unassisted pull up because I want to feel strong and show myself what I am truly capable of achieving. 



Taking stock can feel like a confronting process, but instead of beating yourself up, think about how empowering this step is - because you’re taking full ownership, baby! 

Write down all of your current habits that are not in alignment with your goal and aren’t helping you get closer to your goals. 

Example - 

Goal: Achieve your first ever pull up because you want to feel strong and show yourself what you’re capable of achieving.

Habit Holding you back: Every time you think about going to the gym you come up with an excuse as to why it’s too hard and you put it off. 

The habit of putting it off keeps prolonging you from getting your first pull up and feeling strong and achieving your goal. If this sounds familiar, it could be that the pull up goal and getting strong isn't really a priority for you (reassess your why), or you’re so used to making excuses for not going that the habit of putting it off has become the norm (replace with upgraded habit).



Time for an upgrade baby! 

When starting your new habit remember to start small, make it easy and build on it. If you feel your old habit trying to come back in remember your why and think about the pain of not taking action towards your goal. 

Write down 1 new habit that you’d like to implement into your life that aligns with your goal. Start small and make it SO easy that you can’t fail. The more consistent you’re repeating a new habit, the more likely it will stick and then you can build on it and introduce another habit. Remember that you want to make it realistic, easy to achieve and something you can repeat consistently. 

Example - 

Goal:  To achieve your first unassisted pull up. 

New Habit: Go to the gym twice a week focusing on building upper strength and muscle for 15 minutes.



Stack it up baby! 

When we pair a new habit with an existing one it makes it easier to do because it acts as a trigger and prompts you to go do it! 

Write down your new habit and pair it with an existing habit that you already do.


Goal: Achieve unassisted pull up. New Habit: Go to the gym twice a week focusing on building upper strength and muscle for 15 minutes. 

Habit Stack: Boujee Coffee on Tuesday & Thursday Morning

Write down the specifics: I will go to gym at 10am every Tuesday and Thursday after my boujee morning coffee. I will do my 15 minute upper body pull up workout because in doing so every time I show up I am getting stronger, building my confidence and showing myself what I am capable of achieving.



If it doesn’t get measured, it doesn't get done! 

Tracking your new habit is so important to keep you on track and keep you adhering to your goal! Have fun with it and gamify it! Tick it off as you complete your habit, build a streak and don’t break it. Even get a friend on board to keep each other accountable! 

Not only is tracking your habit going to help you keep accountable, but also tracking the progress of the habit you want to level up is key! 

Example - Log and track your workouts so you can see the progress you’re making week to week towards your goal of your first unassisted pull up! This will keep you motivated and inspired to keep showing up.


Remember that it is the small consistent habits and daily actions that you do everyday that will compound into massive results helping you achieve your goals and becoming the most badass version of you yet!

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