How to continue the conversation after “R U OK?”

How to continue the conversation after “R U OK?”

Hey friend, are you OK?

This coming Thursday is R U OK? Day - a national initiative to remind Australians to check on their friends, family members and coworkers. A simple question can go a long way, especially for those going through a dark period.

The key message behind this charity is to remind people that social connectedness and positive help-seeking can assist people in crisis and instil a sense of community.

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through, you are supported!

Although “Are you OK?” is a simple question to ask, it’s important to ask in the right way

First and foremost, check in with yourself. Are you in the right headspace to listen, support and encourage someone through a dark spot?

Don’t pour from an empty cup or this would be damaging not only to yourself but to other people who are relying on you.

If, on the other hand, you’re in a great spot mentally, spiritually and physically, then spread some of the good vibes!

Always make sure to:

  • Ask in a genuine way – make time to ask and make sure you have enough time to continue the conversation
  • Listen without judgement – everyone comes from different walks of life, respect and acknowledge that
  • Encourage action – be of service and offer to help, in whatever capacity you can
  • Check-in again – catch up in a few days or weeks to make sure everything is okay or improving

Learn to ask the question at the right time!

Consider what they are saying and what they are doing. If you notice them isolating themselves, lacking self-esteem, or losing interest in what they usually love – it might be time to check in with them.

Think about what is going on in their lives too. Have they just received bad news? Are they going through financial hardship? Did they just break up with their partner or deal with grief?

Recognize the signs and act accordingly.

Remember – asking the question is just the first step. What truly matters is continuing the conversation and being ready to support who’s not okay.

So, friend, are you okay?

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