Learn to Protect Your Energy

Learn to Protect Your Energy

Hands up if you have heard these sayings before...

“you can’t pour from an empty cup”
“my tank is running on empty”
“my batteries are low” 

I bet you have, and most likely have said one of them yourself. How do I know, because I can relate I know I've used all three of them at one point or another. 


And like me, I'm sure you know those feels all too well when you are low in energy, feeling tired, drained, overwhelmed, and like you have nothing left to give. You’re not alone sis, and I am here to share with you some actionable steps that you can take to protect your energy, fill your cup and thrive.

Think about all the things you currently use on a daily basis that need to be charged or have an on-going energy supply in order to use them so they can operate to the best of their ability:

- Phone
- Smart watch
- Laptop
- Ghd
- Curling irons 
- Kindle
- Coffee machine etc
- TV
- Hot water


And now think about whether or not plugging them into a power source to use or recharge them is a negotiable? Likely not, you need them or want to use them.

So why is it any different when it comes to ourselves?  

We are now more than ever, pushing more, saying yes to doing more and using up all the energy that we have. Yet not plugging ourselves into a power source to recharge. 


I think feeling this way is perpetuated by society's glorification of the hustle and grind. We constantly feel this sense of pressure to always be doing more, being more and giving more. However, this can stop us from giving energy to ourselves, because we can feel guilty, ashamed or bad that we aren’t hustling or doing something for our business, work, or working on our goals.


Yet, when we actually do take time to re-charge, we are able to show up better for ourselves and for others! So let’s start by taking stock of what we are giving our energy to. Understanding what is draining us and what we can focus on to re-charge our soul. 

So, grab out your journal! It’s time to get introspective, gain some insights and get ready to be equipped with actionable steps you can take to protect your energy and fill up your cup starting now.


Tip 1: Write down everything that feels like it is draining your energy and sucking your soul - things, environments, people, habits that leave you feeling stressed, drained, overwhelmed, meh etc. 


Tip 2: Write down everything that brings you energy and fills your cup that is within your control - this can be activities, hobbies, projects, environments, experiences, people - you name it!  


Tip 3: Write down an actionable step you can take to flip your energy script and start doing more of the things that recharge you and less of the things that don’t. Book it in your calendar now (you’re a priority). Make it easy for you to show up and be consistent with your actions. That way you’ll reap the benefits of being the master of your own energy and vibe!

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