Masculine VS Feminine

Masculine VS Feminine

As human beings, we all have both masculine and feminine tendencies. No matter your sex or sexual preference, we need to understand how to balance the two.

Particularly for us women, we have often been indoctrinated into masculine ways of operating and working in the world, sometimes unconsciously, without realising there’s another opposite: the feminine.

Think of Yin and Yang. Although from a different tradition, the Yin Yang is a perfect example of duality, two halves of a whole. One doesn’t exist without the other and they represent polar opposites, just like the North and South Poles.

As humans, we have both qualities and tend to fluctuate between poles: this is not only normal but very healthy! In fact, we need both poles to be at our full potential.


How do these energies affect our everyday lives?

Let’s take your clothing as an example. If you had an important deadline and you need to be in work mode, you probably wouldn’t dress in a flowy, princess-like dress. You can tap into your opposite energy through more masculine clothes and can get stuff done!

Not only that but dressing in a more masculine way will reflect in the way you speak,

how you approach your tasks, the clarity you have, the choices you make and might even determine the kind of conversations you have with others. You’re literally embodying that energy (that is already within you) or, as we say, tapping into it.

Incredible, right?

Be careful not to apply this concept dogmatically

Just because you identify as a woman, that doesn’t mean you must be in your feminine energy all the time and the same applies to the male counterpart.

There are times when women are required to step up in their relationships.

For example: Let their male partner have his feminine side (which is more emotional, loving and sensitive).

Life can be messy and it can be tricky at times to figure out how to apply this concept to your life in an empowering way. 


Hold on: how does the masculine differ from the feminine?

The masculine has a more go-getter energy, a “let’s get this done” vibe. 

On the other side, the feminine is really emotional, loving and nurturing. Because this has nothing to do with sex, both parties can have their dark sides or shadows too.

Eg: The feminine part of you can make you feel empowered by your emotions and your sensual pleasure-filled energy. However, when this energy is unhealthy, you might feel overwhelmed by your emotions to the point you have no idea how to deal with them.

If your masculine side is unbalanced, you might find yourself overworking, only being obsessed with purpose and never resting. This is especially true if you work in a competitive work environment or if you pursue entrepreneurial routes.


If this is you, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What's the emotion driving any single action that you take? Bring awareness to every action in your daily life and be curious about the answers that come up.
  2. Now, can you just tune into these emotions?

Those two questions are going to tap you back into your emotions, which is the main feminine trait, whether they're positive emotions or not.

Remember there are no negative emotions, but just emotions that we don’t want to feel. Tapping into those emotions is where our feminine fuel is at and that's our feminine power.

Are your masculine and feminine balanced? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic…


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