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Why Thrift Shopping Is Good for the Planet

Here at The Big Sis Movement, we LOVE thrift shopping! We proudly wear second-hand clothes and want you to do the same.

Thrift shopping brings a breath of fresh air to both our wardrobes and the fashion industry.

Choosing to go thrift shopping reduces waste significantly since fewer clothes will need to be produced. Fashion trends may come and go, (often far too quickly for the planet) and what is no longer in demand can pile up easily. This includes in dumpsters, on the street and in nature (where it definitely should not be).

Buying pre-loved clothes extends their life cycle and reduces the amount of waste produced each year.

To put things into perspective, it is estimated that over 100 billion items of clothing are produced each year (that’s nearly 14 pieces for every single human being!) and as much as 92 million tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill. Only 20% of textiles are collected for reuse or recycling globally.

Producing fewer clothes will also help preserve our marine life and water usage!

Some items require multiple gallons of water (thousands, in some cases) in order to be created and may be incredibly unsustainable for the environment. The textile industry contributes 9% of the annual microplastic pollution added to our oceans which increases the damage, hurt and even destruction of natural wildlife from the Pacific to the Mediterranean.

To reduce the cradle-to-grave cycle, go thrift shopping

Polyester needs to be re-worn in order to form a closed loop cycle. Closed loop cycles within fashion ensure textiles are being used completely and do not end up as waste.

Buying second-hand clothes reduces environmental abuse, air pollution and fossil fuel emissions, slowing down fast fashion.

Grab your girlfriends and go thrift shopping today: the planet is begging you!

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