Empower Yourself: Big Sis's Guide To Starting Your Business

Empower Yourself: Big Sis's Guide To Starting Your Business

You already know this by now: here at Big Sis we're all about following our dreams. If you feel like you’re ready to become a girl boss too, we have the perfect guide to starting your business. It might feel scary initially, but you can take control of your life and dreams! Here at Big Sis HQ, we’re all testimony to this. 

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship isn't just about business – it's a mindset. 

Ask any entrepreneur and they will all agree: mastering your inner chatter is the real challenge. 

Our founder Karen Mason experienced this first-hand when she started Big Sis! If she had let her self-doubts win, we wouldn’t be celebrating 7 years of the Movement!

Don’t let your inner perfectionist take control of your journey either. The important part is to just get started and keep on being consistent. You’ll never truly feel ready, so take that leap of faith and simply make adjustments as you go! 

Define Your Business Idea And Build Your Brand

If you’re not even sure what your idea will be, don’t panic. Call a few besties and organise a brainstorming session!

Think of all the things you’re passionate about and narrow it down to a few. You can ask yourself questions such as:

  • What could I talk about endlessly?
  • Would I be able to do X for 6 months straight without getting paid?
  • If I had 12 months to achieve my goals, which would I tackle first?

These questions are meant to jump-start your creativity and get the ideas flowing. You can always change the course of your business and chances are you will!

Once you have your big idea, it’s all about planning and researching: How can you create something unique that will stand out from the competition? 

Focus on creating a strong brand and communicate your message clearly: this will help you attract the right people to you and build a community of like-minded people.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

You will make plenty of mistakes when starting your own business but it’s ok! From miscommunicating with your clients or audience, to making the wrong decisions – this is all part of the journey so don’t be so hard on yourself. 

As frustrating as it is, this will make you and your business even stronger. So, don’t look at your mistakes as something that will slow you down, but as an indicator that you’re making progress! 

If you feel lost or would rather not be alone in this journey, seek support from a mentor or find resources that can help you on your path.

Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a powerhouse mentor! Big Sis Hub is coming in hot next year to help you with exactly this 👀

Remember That You’re Not Alone!

Never undervalue yourself and remember why you're actually doing this in the first place. Become your own cheerleader, take the first step and stay consistent: You will never fail this way!

No matter where you are in your business journey, there is a whole community behind you ready to support you. You already found Big Sis didn’t you ?! 🫶 

Share your business dreams or experiences in the comments below! We’d love to hear where you’re at with all of this! 

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